High Security -- Recruitment -- Re-Awakened Technologies

Living in high security is probably the safest place in relation to anywhere else. Many pilots come to high security to enjoy some relative peace and quiet and pursue activities that cannot be done so easily elsewhere. All kinds of activities can be done here but sometimes wars can come to this area which can disrupt regular routines. Although pilots live in high security they can also use it as a base and venture out to go to more dangerous areas to bring in more adrenaline and rewards. Some of the activities are connected to other areas such as low security space or zero security space to support, do trade or run more advanced production lines.

Activities & opportunities

  • High security provides opportunities for a variety of professions, a number of them are listed here:
  • Acquisition - Acquisitioners are all about acquiring minerals, ore, salvage or other materials. The corporation buys and uses them to run production schemes.
  • Courier - Couriers are all about picking up and dropping off lightweight stuff. It’s very exciting when you like to fly fast ships or want to race against time.
  • Combateer – Pilots looking for more then just the peace and quiet can join to protect and defend Minmatar space against aggression.
  • Logistics - Being part of logistics is all about distributing stuff. Some pilots find this less exciting but it’s very important for combateers and producers.
  • Explorer - A pilot who would like to do exploring is curious and wants to discover fancy or ancient stuff. Interesting loot can be sold to Re-Awakened for ISK.
  • Hauler - One of the common things pilots do is hauling. The pilot is getting the stuff to a place where it’s needed most.
  • Miner - A miner takes his ships to the asteroid fields or ice belts to get minerals or ice. The ore and ice can be sold for ISK at an active office. Some offices have mining fleets to support such operations.
  • Mission runner - A pilot interested in running missions solo or in a fleet is in a place where the action is. The loot can be sold to Re-Awakened and recycled to be used in the factories.
  • Operations manager – This manager has a lot of responsibility of maintaining the ships that are used at active offices, without it some operation is bound to run into trouble.
  • Planet producer – A planet producer is interested in materials and commodities to put up for sale or for advanced production schemes.
  • Refiner – A refiner has one of the easiest tasks that are available to pilots. However it takes some time to acquire all the necessary skills.
  • Researcher – Doing research is always a nice way to get involved for there is always something to do. Re-Awakened technologies has been running an extensive research program which would make any researcher jealous.
  • Salesclerk - Managing sales can be a lot of fun and is easy to do, you will be looking at profit margins quite a lot.
  • Starbase operator - A starbase operator is the pilot that manages a starbase with security, arrays, defences, silos, production, research and fuel.
  • Starbase fuel technician – Fuelling the starbase probably sounds dull, but it’s the first step to become an operator of your own starbase.
  • Starbase gunner – A starbase gunner will take care of the starbase defences when it’s needed; it’s exciting but quite a responsibility to take up.
  • Station producer - A station producer is the pilot that is managing a production office with manufacturing, sale orders, buy orders, research, accounting, refining, stocks, trade, hauling, purchasing and distribution. Taking up such a task requires dedication and a long term investment.
  • Station assistant - A station assistant helps a station producer with a number of his tasks and could manage a small production line. Taking up this task is the first step of becoming a station producer yourself.
  • Trader - A trader is a pilot that searches markets and prices and looks for good opportunities. Profit margins are the key to success for a trader.


A number of operations are available for pilots in Re-Awakened but we are always looking for more pilots willing to run such things. If you feel you can contribute to running an operation we will certainly appreciate it.


In Re-Awakened Technologies there are a number of programs to help pilots in different areas. A number of them are listed here:

  • Research program
  • Datacore program – DAP
  • Mineral extraction exploitation program – MEEP
  • Salvage rewards program – SRP
  • Starbase fuel initiative – SFI

Rules of engagement

Re-Awakened has a Not Red Don't Shoot (NRDS) rules of engagement (ROE). This means that pilots neutral to us will not be shot at. Please note that pilots committing acts of aggression are automatically considered red. Thieves, can flippers, gankers and all open targets. Acts of aggression:

  • aggression
  • slavery
  • piracy
  • declaring war
  • claiming Minmatar space
  • criminal support
  • acts of aggression in Minmatar space / concord intervention
  • Amarr militia
  • support of political enemies

Terms & Conditions

No attacks on Caldari militia in Caldari solar systems will be allowed.
No support given on or directly attacking Caldari solar systems will be allowed.