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Re-Awakened Technologies came to acquire the Class 3 Wormhole System "New Egbinger" and its attendant Control Tower (known currently as simply "New Egbinger Station"). With a little effort, wormhole space can provide great rewards and interesting opportunities. On the other hand, isolation has been known to cause... Space Madness. If you are interested in wormhole opportunities, this guide has been prepared to assist you in preparations, and hopefully give you an idea of how things work out here.

Activities & opportunities

New Egbinger provides opportunities for a variety of professions, some notable options include:

  • Cosmic Anomalies - Cosmic Anomalies can be located with the On-Board scanner of your ship. These sites are the most numerous in w-space, and can be quite lucrative. With the proper ship they can all be run solo. The money comes from 2 sources, each responsible for about half the value: 'Blue Loot' includes a variety of Data Libraries and other systems that can be found in the wrecks of Sleeper Ships. These can be sold to a few select corporations interested in their secrets. The other half of the equation is Salvage, which is used to manufacture Tech 3 systems. In particular, the Melted Nanoribbon (which is valued between 6 and 8 million ISK as of this writing) is of interest.
  • Ladar Sites - Ladar sites, like most things in w-space, must be scanned down. They contain gases (fullerines) that are used to create Hybrid Polymers, which are utilized in the Tech 3 manufacturing process. Depending on the gases available, gas harvesting w-space fullerines can be more lucrative than mining. Check the prices on these gases, and you may be surprised.
  • Magnetometric / Radar Sites – These sites are the most lucrative of all, but are also the most difficult. With very careful work, the Sleepers in these sites could be handled solo, but 2 or more people are recommended. Also required is someone with a Codebreaker or Analyzer to acquire the bounty of the various cans, data banks and other structures on site.
  • Gravimetric Sites - While the sites vary, every kind of ore is available in New Egbinger. Arkonor, Bistot, Crokite, Morphite and more await your strips and lasers. An Intensive Refining Array is also available for refining your harvest back at New Egbinger Station.
  • Planetary Interaction - New Egbinger contains a variety of planets, all with very high resource concentrations. Lava, Barren (2), Storm (2), Plasma, and Gas (4) planets are available. 2 Customs Offices are corp owned and require no fees. If interest is high, no doubt an operation could be undertaken to acquire more Customs Offices, if you find Interbus Fees troublesome.
  • Low Security and Zero Security Exploration - New Egbinger always has an exit to low security space, and often has exits elsewhere as well. If you are interested in scanning down DED rated plexes or anything else out in Null or Low Sec space, you will soon find yourself acquiring Faction or Complex produced rare modules. Null Sec asteroid belts can also provide opportunities for claiming bounties or... if you are adventurous... some limited mining.
  • Cross-Wormhole Raiding - Many of the above activites can also be run in neighboring w-space systems whenever they link to us. Sometimes these will be other classes of systems, perhaps abandoned and rich with Sleeper bounty. On the other hand, you must always be alert for potential inhabitants.


A number of operations are available for pilots in Re-Awakened but we are always looking for more pilots willing to run such things. If you feel you can contribute to running an operation we will certainly appreciate it.


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