General recruitment information

As you drop out of warp, the asteroid field casts mottled shadows over your hull. Your sensors sweep the derelict station. Results: inconclusive. You approach looking for elusive secrets. An alarm sounds: you're being locked and a squadron of ships is closing in from the shadows. Missiles break your shields, followed by a swath of lasers. Your starboard armor starts vaporizing as your shields fail; an ion cloud glittering in the light of the distant binary, dissipating into the void along with your chances. Now would be a good time to have better intel, better training, or even a wingman. Sometimes being immortal isn't enough, sometimes you need friends. Re-Awakened Technologies welcomes all pilots who like to explore and defend the secrets of Minmatar space and beyond. Defending them, ourselves and our allies with guile, cunning and resolve when necessary. Employing a casual and sometimes irreverent approach in which members pursue their own projects and operations helped or encouraged by our other members, we build upon each success and learn from failures to ensure a bright future.

  • Pro-Republic, anti-pirate and anti-slaver
  • Opportunities and support to focus on manufacturing, research, trade, combat and teamwork
  • Established industrial base, member and ally discounts
  • Intelligence, humour, protection, training and support for members
  • Variety of operations, including missions, patrols, mining, exploring, incursions and combat
  • A heavy industrial infrastructure, starbases, multiple offices and an extensive blueprint collection
  • New and experienced pilots wanted, opportunities to take ownership of your endeavours and lead
  • 4 options of living - wormhole – high security – low security – zero security
  • As happy in war as we are in peace...

Friendly and honourable pilots with sense of humor and relaxed attitude are very welcome. Mature, sane(ish), civil and self-reliant pilots who see teamwork as a bonus. For more information see our sections.

High Security

Re-Awakened Technologies
Living in high security is probably the safest place in relation to anywhere else. Many pilots come to high security to enjoy some relative peace and quiet and pursue activities that cannot be done so easily elsewhere. All kinds of activities can be done here but sometimes wars can come to this area which can disrupt regular routines. Although pilots can live peacefully they can also use it as a base and venture out to go to more dangerous areas to bring in more adrenaline and rewards. Some of the activities are connected to other areas such as low security space or zero security space with focus on support, trade or running more advanced production lines.

Low Security

Re-Awakened Militia is not available yet.

Zero Security

Re-Awakened Re-Colonized is not available yet.


Re-Awakened Exploration
came to acquire the Class 3 Wormhole System "New Egbinger" and its attendant Control Tower (known currently as simply "New Egbinger Station"). With a little effort, wormhole space can provide great rewards and interesting opportunities. On the other hand, isolation has been known to cause... Space Madness. If you are interested in wormhole opportunities, this guide has been prepared to assist you in preparations, and hopefully give you an idea of how things work out here.