Re-Awakened pilot ventures out to test a Sansha ship

4 okt 2012 - Posted by Elayae

To break the routine at the Eram factories
Elayae organized a practical research team to operate her Succubus ship for use and efficiency. "These are important steps for us to get to know the enemy ships we are facing, so we can defeat them in the future.", said Elayae to the gathered station people interested in the subject. She continued:"To learn something about our enemy we must test the ships the enemy flies as well". "So today we are going investigate their weapons of war and make sure our future world is a safer place." Soon after that Elayae and her team got on board and undocked to the nearest test space. All buttons were pushed and all stuff was activated, it was a busy day for the research team to gather all the information needed. Nothing dangerously happened during the testing only a few bumps on the head as some rooms on the ship had out of the ordinary shapes and sizes.

Re-Awakened pilot observes Sansha ships

30 sep 2012 - Posted by Elayae

Elayae Vin'dacar and her crew,
witnessed a Sansha attack in the Aldrat system, her small small ship got close unnoticed. As she was aware of the danger she ordered her crew to stay at their battle positions. "This day will be remembered by you and your children.", she said on the ship comms. "A day in which you witnessed the brutal attacks of Sansha ships close to our home system." "We will gain knowledge from these attacks to outwit the Sansha some day, mark my words.." And with this statement she closed comms again and got back to work on finding a weak spot in their tactics and weaponry.

Re-Awakened Technologies Gulfonodi Office Celebrates Bumper Profits

15 jul 2012 - Posted by Ciarente

Staff at Re-Awakened Technologies Inc's Gulfonodi offices
took a break from their busiest day on record to celebrate the runaway success of the corporation's "Operation t3BC", which saw the office break all previous profit records in the first 12 hours of the BPO's release. "I want to thank each and every one of you for your outstanding efforts," Re-Aw's CEO, Ciarente Roth, told assembled staff and pilots. "From the pilots poised to purchase blueprints on the instant of release and race them back to HQ, to the miners and haulers who made sure we were abundantly supplied with minerals, our marketers, and all of you here at HQ who kept our production lines running so smoothly." As cake and Chocolate McGubbins tm were served, Captain Roth finished her address by declaring, "Today's success would not have been possible without you, and I am prouder than ever to be a part of Re-Aw."

Re-Awakened Technologies CEO Denies Rumours

21 aug 2011 - Posted by Ciarente

Ciarente Roth,
Re-Awakened Technologies CEO, today denied rumours she had hired a mercenary corp to war-dec Re-Aw in order to give her pilots 'something to do'. Ms Roth was forced to admit that the corp had been "delighted" to recieve CONCORD notification of the war, but described allegations that she was behind it as "utter nonsense." "If I wanted to give my pilots someone to fight," the petite CEO stated firmly, "I would pick someone who didn't need 4:1 odds in their favour to undock. Also someone who lived somewhere with a decent restaraunt in station."