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About Us

Re-Awakened Technologies Inc.
is a cheerfully unconventional enterprise. We recruit and promote pilots with a variety of passions, skills, and personalities. We're equally capable of daring feats in elite fleets and sly creation in our hi-sec stations. For more than three years, we've used our grit and ingenuity to serve the free peoples of the Republic and beyond. Our warriors trap and burn pirates and slavers. Our salvagers and miners sweep up the scraps and minerals. Our scientists perfect blueprints and invent new ones. Our industrialists and traders turn it all into new ships, weapons, supplies, and ISK. …and we do it all with style. We're committed to the Republic and to each other. We're bound by service, honor, and attitude.


We're dedicated to the security and progress of the Republic. We maintain high standings with the Brutor Tribe and the Republic proper, performing dangerous and clandestine work for the greater good. We explore the dark and forgotten corners of space, to claim loot and knowledge.We help patrol Republic space and bring justice to pirates and slavers. When war breaks out, our pilots fight with brutal dexterity.


We collaborate to equip all our pilots with the best training and ships. We use these tools with grace and care. Pirates and slavers may dread our arrival in Local. But neutrals have nothing to fear, and we're fiercely loyal to those who earn our friendship. Within our corp, we're a community of mutual aid and shared responsibilities. We pool our strengths unselfishly. From innovative ship fittings, to vast scientific expertise, to the ability to jam entire fleets while taking a nap, every specialty is taken and woven together to create a whole greater than its parts. We will stand united or perish on the day the last flag of freedom falls.


We're knights and poets, freelancers and entrepreneurs. We're distrustful of dry doctrines and absolute authority. Our corp is versatile and flexible. Pilots earn respect through cleverness, creativity, teamwork, and humor. We're friendly, mature, sane, and civil, but never take ourselves too seriously. Inside every challenge is something shiny and cool, and sometimes an artful hack is more provocative than the prize itself. Hence our motto: "That looks interesting… let's nick it."